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Our Story

“I've always wanted to keep bees.”


Like his grandfather before him, Toby’s long-standing desire turned into a passion for beekeeping and generated a family enterprise. In 2012, he began building frames and all-natural cedar hives preparing for his hobby apiary in beautiful Hockley Valley. In rapid succession, he acquired two healthy swarms and his dream of becoming a beekeeper was realized.


Very quickly, we had more honey than storage, and our Three Brothers Honey Co. family business was born. We thought, “What better way is there to learn about hard work, community, and cooperation than to watch the bees!” These are the values we want to instill in our three boys as they become more involved in the apiary each year.

Our delicious honey is unpasteurized, raw honey in its most natural form. It isn't filtered, strained, processed or heated above natural hive temperatures (usually 115 degrees Fahrenheit), a process used in conventional honey that can destroy beneficial enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants. We gather the honey when the bees let us know it’s ready.  We manually scrape the wax cappings from the combs.  The frames are placed in the centrifuge and the honey is released from the comb without being heated or processed.  It goes directly into jars, ready for your kitchen table.

Raw honey contains nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants.  It contains vitamins like B1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, and Vitamin C, as well as minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Raw honey has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which promote body and digestive health and strengthens the immune system.  It has been known to help reduce seasonal allergies and can help remedy skin ailments.

Raw honey is amazing!

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